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Hello! My name is Ben Avchen. Welcome to my website. I'm also known as BuzzNBen. Right now I am 17. Currently attending High School.
So where did it all start? With a character called "Buzzy the Bee" .I was bullied in third grade by some people at my Elementary School (Berylwood). I was all upset and talking to my mother about how I felt and suddenly, I felt a way to make myself feel better from these bullies. I started writing! I made my first book called Ben the Robot. It was about me making a robot, sending it to school and having it deal with those bullies. In reality, I shared the book with the class. The bullies heard the story and I guess they were real impressed. Then they never bullied me again. They weren't mad either. I made over 100 Ben the Robot books, all about different stories and adventures we had with Robot Ben. I stopped after I got over 100 and that was about when I was in 5th grade.
In 5th grade, I stopped with Ben the Robot. I started making comics called Ben and William and that was for a short time.
I got to pick a prize for sending in some fundraising stuff for my school. I went with my friend Kyle. He won a BUZZY THE BEE. I won a sling shooting cow. I wanted Buzzy.The sling shooting cow did a bunch of cool things but Buzzy didn't do anything but be able to be held by someone, and that was me! With Buzzy, if you won him, you would get him with a prize. Kyle wanted the prize and I wanted just Buzzy and nothing else, so we traded. That was the best trade I made with someone EVER!
In 6th grade, I continued writing. Not Ben the Robot again. Buzzy had inspired me to write even more!
I started writing scripts about Buzzy and made over 40 of them. I even filmed them with my old video camera too. It was fun to watch them however they are currently unavailable. Right NOW I am finishing Season 1 of the animation series.
I started loving to act, direct, and produce things. One of my scripts got turned into a play I got to act, produce and direct in at school! I had the most EXPRESSION in it! It was in the 6th grade.
I also am a big computer geek, just like my Uncle Jim who has inspired me throughout the way.
Long story short, I know alot of stuff.
There is a lot more about me, but this has the most main details. I thank you for reading. My email is

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